Throw Back Thursday *The Disco Ball Is Turning*

The Disco period was great for Free Spirits, drugs flowed freely, a smell of change in the air. The music was alive, the dance floor had a rhythm like no other, leave your troubles behind and escape under the shiny ball. I started going to clubs with my father before my 10th birthday. When you have a parent with a mental illness, life can take unexpected turns. I hope you enjoy a couple of my favorites, if not pick up the request line and leave a request. Let’s Boogie!     Xx  M




    • Hi Bradley
      Oh yes the were all over the airwaves at the time, I picked a couple of my favorites. It so hard to pick on three, it was a great time for upbeat sound and lyrics. Next time around mayber I’ll remember to pick an Abba choice for you.
      Have a great weekend.

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  1. I grew up with disco and loved it, until no one loved it anymore. But I confess to wanting to hear that beat every now and then just to get my feet moving. And I know the words to all the songs. You just can’t help but to remember them.


    • Hi Madeline
      I’ve meant to drop by this week,it looks like your having some struggles. Please remember I have Bipolar Disorder and can relate to many mental illness issues. I still love disco, times were just so different, the 80’s were great but Disco didn’t make it over the hump. I am one of those kids/teen who would take the album covers, listen to songs and memorize the words. The key reason I miss albums so much. The cool art work, more creative expression,, and something special about putting the needle down and being your own DJ. As you can tell I’m truly a music lover.
      If I can help in any way my hand is reached out, take it and let’s talk. I don’t get in your business just help if I’ve had the same issues and how I handled or not.
      Take care of yourself, something special like a long bath with lavender oil, very relaxing environment where no interruptions will cut your relaxing time short. Just clear your mind, listen to your heart beat and smell the air.
      That seems to help me often, I throw some epson salt in to help with any detox of the skin.


      • Hi there! I’m not sure why you thought that I am having struggles because I’m not experiencing any to speak of. If it’s my writing, it’s simply poetic license with words these days. 🙂 I try to stretch that writing muscle so I don’t get stale. But thank you for wanting to check on me. ❤ That's better than a hug.


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