Please welcome Guest Photographer Gavin Kerslake. I met Gavin several years ago, probably thru a comment on a photo. He is a natural with the camera, his work can memorize or shine light on something missed. I would categorize his work as Industrial Realism, his eye captures the story in what others walk by without a thought.

I’m thrilled Gavin allowed me to share his work with you. I’ve asked Gavin to join us again, eveyone please go to his blog so he will say yes. Here are links where you can find Gavin’s work. I encourage you to look at his expansive collection. The first link is his blog, you will want follow for sure.


7 Comments on “Guest Photographer Gavin Kerslake

    • Thank you stopping by today. Gavin is awesome, today was very small taste of his work. I’m happy to say he is joining Survivors Blog Here and we’ll get to see his work more often. Did you already know Gavin?
      Have a great weekend.

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