It’s Monday! Let’s celebrate with?

How about a funny story to start: my oldest dog had problems waking up this morning, I thought he was dead, ok that’s not funny, I was screaming his name….nothing. Finally he wakes, I see his front leg doesn’t work. Thinking about how hard the stairs would be…..I made a potty spot in spare room. This is funny or maybe just laughing at self, I put these huge kotex on the carpet, the sticky really helped. Then I stacked sheets then his vomit towel. Lovely thought, at least he knows it’s his…..I have been trying all morning and he would rather slide down stairs than go on kotex. Isn’t that a man/dog for you. HAHA!

It’s also funny to me that kotex are in the house, Lyme created the need. I had a total hysterectomy at 28 years old. Very glad to say at 53, they got all the cancer. To top it off, since I have trouble remembering due to Lyme, I thought next year I turned 53, not a couple of months ago. Not sure how 53 feels yet.

Let’s celebrate Monday with an old Rolling Stones concert clip when they came thru my town. I can’t decide if Mick sounds worse then or now, or always. I do like many of their tunes. Hug somebody you love today. M

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    • I saw them at Wembley Stadium in 1990, being there, my English friends there, it was a really good time. The Brits are so polite. The stadium seats around 70K, we were all single file waiting for doors to open, all general seating run and grab. Not one person cut in line, bitched about anything and there was no mob when the doors open. I wasn’t around when America was like that. It’s a shame.
      Take care.


      • I thought the same thing. How can humans be so far apart mentally, of course there isn’t an answer to that. How could terrorist kill innocent people and use the Quran as the reason. That is not what Jihad means in the Quran. I’m very interesting in religions. I have a Quran and you would be shocked at how many Christians are mention and respected. Jesus is in there, many. I had to see for myself and bought an official translation. We believe in the same God. The point I have to say to self at times, Jihadist are the few, not the many. Islam lives differently than we do but when you look, we are working towards the same end and doing the same we do to get there. Islam calls it paradise we call it heaven.
        I better step off my box.

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