Throw Back Thursday: Triple Shot *Queen Anthems of my younger self*

I spent a year in bad girl boarding school, many of us tried to dig out anyway possible. To dig out of our trauma, we wouldn’t let our scars get in the way. We wanted a different life, a new positive perspective. I was 13-14 years old some girls close to 17-19 years old. Most every one starts as the new kid in town, I don’t play that game. Everything works fine when you hold the cards.I never had my ass kicked and only hurt one person. She gave my best friend the razor blade, I got the nod from staff person and I beat her badly. I never ran away, never help anyone to leave, and no way did I help someone kill themselves. Enough pleasantries. I’ve come along way since the punk kid.

Freddie created Rock Drama and had a wicked sense of humor. Let’s sing for Freddie, if you dress up for the show, you get extra credit, send me a photo and there’s no telling the extra perks you get. Freddie was a true showman.  Xx  M

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9 thoughts on “Throw Back Thursday: Triple Shot *Queen Anthems of my younger self*

    1. I think Queen is one of a kind of band. I love most of their music and no one theater to the stage Freddie, His dignity as AIDS took over his body. The had strength it wasn’t common knowledge he had Aids until he realize eh was dying. I always feel happiness when they can die at house. You’re comfortable with an environment you’re familiar with. He could be Freddie, not Freddie the rick star.
      Their songs sound a happy but some many are actually filled with pain. I was a drug addicted teen and in bad place. I related to words in there music.
      Have an awesome weekend.

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    1. Ganging out around the camp first. I ran you lovey introduction post, all of your followers didn’t see if they don’t follow me. There is a big range. People visit you to read your post and your consistent style. You never know what you’re getting on a visit to me. You can reblog, I would add a word about you fishing for 2 weeks, you can reblog waiting for me to add, reblog as is, our I can send you a link. The choice is yours my friend. Same ole shit here…..depressed, working very hard with a women who is suicidal. After 4-5 months my body and mind is drained.
      Glad to see your back. Chances are the family got together to help clean more out of attic.
      Wait to here your choice.

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