I’m sending you health and happiness. Get lost in music, get your feet moving and GET GROVE ON. 

Wild Horses remind me of unpleasant times in life, yet tied to my soul. I’m a Survivor, it’s nice to remember. Wild Horses reminds me how far I’ve come.   XxM

6 Comments on “Throw Back Thursday *Let My Soul Fly*

    • I’m still absorbing all the pieces of the song. I do like, can relate to pain that comes with a house. I didn’t see the reblog, know your busy, was hoping for you and followers to enjoy. Looking back I could have timed it better so it’s on both sites.
      Looks like a lot was done in attic.

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      • That’s not my pic, M. I took it from a “make believe” real estate promotion on the internet. Ours is darker, dustier, much less organized. More real ??? ☺


      • I hear you, ours was never that clean especially the garage. Take a mechanic working for Greyhound 38 years, the number to tools and designs of buses to use for repair. He was proud to say he never took a promotion, life was easier that way.

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