Throw Back Thursday *Take it on the Run*

I have stoned memories attended both concerts. The songs mean more to me every year. Music was a part of me at the time. I’d put big headphones on, lay in floor, resting my legs on the bed memorized by the art work, the cover was an entry to the music. Hotel California is my favorite. Enjoy the tunes!  Xx  M


    • Hi Danica
      I truly appreciate the Award. I’he let the team and followers down being sick. My writing doesn’t feel worth a shit these day. I don’t want to go into all the detail of the daily pain. Let me look to see what the Award is for and work involved. I’ll head to you sight to see.
      Award me feels great, I passed on one Friday, passing is from not for doing the work, when. I’ll talk to you soon.

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  1. It’s been hard
    I’ve been trying
    My body
    and my mind
    has been all over the place
    last week I was in the hospital
    For three day
    Blood pressure messed up
    My heart is ok
    I got plaque in a vein going to my heart
    there’s a problem with an enlarged muscle
    That’s around the heart
    From stress
    two kinds of blood pressure medicine to get use to
    I’m not a happy camper
    As always Sheldon


    • I was concerned about you. I’ve been in bed for over a week. I was praying you sickness was on the recovery mode. Are you doing as doctor prescribed. Do doctors have a plan on what the next steps are? I’m not asking stupid questions, I spent two years before my diagnosis was found. I ready for the rain or a bright sunny day.
      Take care.
      🙂 M


      • Look I’ve been as proactive
        With all these Dr I can’t do anymore than that some days are good other days I have to pretend. Today is one of those days. I’m sorry M I just don’t have it. I have to pick and choose,life is slowly running out of me,I been talking to the Dr about this very thing,it’s so hard on me,my tears have tears,as always sheldon


      • I don’t want emails and questions to add stress. I know you’re in pain, I understand my pain, how it can rock the shit out of you.
        I’ll leave live button until you have show interest in talking. I’m here. If you don’t want to reply, don’t reprise.
        I wish a much quicker recovery.

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    • Hi friend
      I agree 100% on Hotel California!
      Have a great weekends. I’m always encourage request! Send me your favorite and I’ll try to work it in with other request. I keep rolling request to the next weeks until I can play. Hope to hear from you soon.


    • Hello my friend, we haven’t talked in a while. I’ve had a relapse in health. Some rest & I’ll be better. The album brings so many good memories, it stills brings memories to the front. I like most types of music in the right settings. I love Spanish guitar in a quite corner eating Paella, brings a nice slow meal, music that doesn’t intrude on conversation. I do not peak Spanish, who speaks much over a beautiful dinner.
      PS I love the REO Speedway tunes has many fave of the 80’s.
      Take care and we can talk Yosemite in a few minutes.
      Think about the type of music or special songs. We can talk about next time.
      Have a awesome day and next comment shortly.

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