Happy Birthday Gramps *You’re my Hero*


Gramps loved playing scratch off Lottery Tickets. Looking at photo, this was shortly after Granny died. Emotions sent me to the highest high, I saw the smallest smile. He loved my Granny until the end. Gramps grew up in a time, large parts of the USA where out of work and hungry. Focusing on making money or food for a meal. Gramps mother had sixteen children.

 Gramps, you set the bar high, I reach for you everyday to feel your strength.


Fort McArthur – Became Tactical base-in 1939



    1. Thank you, my heart overflows with love for my grandparents. The sad, we all must die. They gave me unconditional love, a feeling unknown to me. I believe they would be proud of me.
      I look forward to celebrating you improved health.
      I feel your hug, I senses the truth in your roads.
      You’re a great friend Shelton. Anything I can do for you?
      Xx M


    1. Their work to the bone, off to war, Granny was a riveter. I”m blessed to grow up with Gramps family. What I learned first hand not a school. They made sure I didn’t have to work and go hungry. I’ve had a couple bad weeks, makes me want Granny’s potato soup! A cure all. Thanks for your kindness and the true understand how hard it was for our country.

      Van, I feel lost, am I releant? Many new folllers, why do they follow me, I don’t know they follow. Am I feeling overwhelmed from pain & drugs? I value your feedback. 🙏

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