• Hi Bestie

        I’ve been married 15 yrs, as you understand, we age and change, the interest of each other has to remain close. When couples start going a different or imagined, the relationship suffers. In my case you have to factor in Chronic Illness, it sucks, loneliness could be in the same room.
        I believe Therapy is critical for patching several years together. I’ve taken care or my grandparents while ill and dying, 2010 Gramps died and I spent a month in Psy Hospital, then jumped into my illness and the time to diagnose, 2.5 on Heart, then almost 2 yr to get Lyme diagnoses.

        We’ve been challenged by God, he keeps preparing for the next challenge. God answered my prayer by showing a strength I could use because I don’t like seeing people hurt. I became a Minister. I pray for the day I am physically able.

        Wow pretty chatty today. You’re are stronger by the day and when your meds reach the correct level you will see how strong you’ve become.

        Hugs to you!!!!!!

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  1. It’s not always easy M
    Everyday is different
    Some days are great
    Then there are the ones that go on without any end
    I’m tried of the pain
    I just want my life back
    And it’s a slow walk
    Now is that enough
    Or would you like the long version


I appreciate your comments, what you have to say is important. Thank you.

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