Sending Hugs to My Friend Gavin :)


Sydney Opera House and Harbor Bridge

I’ve known Gavin from years of blogging and helping each other. Blogging with Gavin is a dream. He works continually to improve his skills as a Photographer. Go check out his Blog, Treat yourself by visiting the Galleries where his work shown.

Glancing at Australian Vacation photos, I immediately thought of Gavin. Showing my photos of Sydney might be cool, a thoughtful treat.

Be kind to me, Gavin is a Professional Photographer 👀.

Sydney Bay edited-1


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Looking for the Light

Hi, You can find me at and Stop by and pull up a chair. I look forward to meeting you. Melinda

7 thoughts on “ Sending Hugs to My Friend Gavin :)

    1. I’m working on Treasure Trove know and found another Award, looking for it, make a draft so it’s not forgotten.
      Take care, I have work for two or so weeks to get mail fixed. I’m not sure it is the problem but people aren’t receiving email or WP comments. t’s near to much stress to wing it. I’m looking on Apple for directions. I’m one who never reads the instructions.
      Take care, I hope to have both completed by weeks end. My list of nominees will not come anywhere close to yours. After the two awards for which I’ve very thankful. I’m very proud of the Awards, I’ll post,then find a No Awards Widget. I have over 100 awards but didn’t want to shake my tail feathers.
      It felt egotistical, I’m proud of every one, just keep to myself. I can’t keep up with anything these day.
      Pray for me, it looks as if I have other autoimmune illness. I’m better prepared unless MS is an answer.
      Not pity party. It’s good even on the worst days. I have a mission.
      Big hugs

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