Sending Holiday Cheer? *What?*

It’s been quite a year for me, I’m sending prayers to all my friends around the world. As we open the door on 2017, we don’t know what the New Year has in store. I have met many people, its hard to keep current reading post. To the people who are suffering, My wish is, the world coming closer together not falling apart. It would satisfy me beyond belief if this were possible.

I pray for everyone, those I know and those not met.The USA will change yet Freedom of Speech is very strong. American Freedom is not taken for granted by me. Our young country has held on to Freedom of Speech since we landed in this country and made it our own. A heavy badge to year, nothing is free.

I’m positive my health will move forward, I pray you are blessed and can help another.

Doesn’t sound like a Santa’s Coming To Town post, it isn’t. Everyone sends greetings differently. Looking back, my year sucked. I’m reflecting on life, how our world has changed. We will have challenges, Americans are strong, proud people who do what it takes.

One item I made progress on. Being real about my health, God has a plan, he will guide me thru 2017. If my blunt, uncool, old lady, bitch, who cares post isn’t your thing. You have the right. I feel no anger writing the post. I live in reality. My Reality.

I wish everyone a healthy, happier, money to assist hardships, the Refugees. The point to myself, I can’t fix or change people from suffering. My heart weeps for what I can’t fix. I feel empathy and anger when taking a higher view.

My scars, secrets, all the hurdles that come, I try very hard to be real, ( I’m crying now). I believe in faith, faith for myself and you. There are days it seems lost, its faith that pushes me forward, faith he will carry me in thru the sand, thru life. I’m blessed to have faith, without faith, who knows?

Take what you like from the post and leave the rest behind. Surely there are tidbits left at 53. I wish every thing holding you back gives you some room. See many of you on Monday and others after the holidays. Posting my true, for me, post feels mixed. The blessing is, I’m alive.

I’ll want to hear the good, bad, ugly, everything else. Let me know if I pissed you off. Just asking for love & encourage feedback. Let me know what it made you feel or think.

Huge Hugs to You

Xx  M



Categories: Moving Forward


  1. What do I think of your post? Certainly not anger. I read from a fellow traveler who, like me, struggled over many things in 2016. I say good riddance to this awful year. What I liked reading in this post is hope – cautious hope, but still hope for the days, weeks and months ahead.

    Wishing you a wonderful holiday.


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