Throw Back Thursday *Re-Visiting The 1970’s*

My life during the 1970’s.

Probation for carrying a gun

First Psychiatrist appointment

Drug Addict

Missed 45 days of school

Three days in Juvenal Detention

Roll the perfect joint

Not in good place mentally

12-years-old with 21-year-old drug addict boyfriend

Paid my dues,  time after time

Year in Bad Girl Prison

Leaving Scars behind

   Xx  M



    • I’m sure many of WP have similar experiences/disasters. I acted the life of a thug but wasn’t very little was felt in my heart. The abuse in the younger years had me trapped. I didn’t believe anything or anything. I was explosive, we planned to kill my father, luckily he did that for himself. Going to live with my grandparents, saved my life. After growing up, moving away from home, a year of punishment helped teach me what you needed to get by in life. Very few memories pop up, that’s my past, I paid the price. I was an alcoholic by 20 years old.To give my body a chance to fight off my depression, I stopped drinking approx. 8-10 years ago.
      Take care.

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    • It captured the mood of the craziness on my life at 12-13 years old. I am happy my experience brought me to here. Now I”m none of those things and my past does’t identify me.
      Almost completed the Mystery Blogger Award, I’m changing the rules a tad. 5 nominees and 2 post. That’s a challenge today,
      Take care, thanks for the king words.

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      • Hi Danica
        I feel terrible about going back on my word. I’m to sick. Read the intro, on Throw Back Thursday, looks like a kid playing ton computer. it makes no sense. My memory is going away. I’m on two drugs for Alzheimer’s. I pray there are better, or I’ll have to stop. I don’t want to stop.
        Thank you for giving the award


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