Have a great weekend enjoying smooth music for relaxing   M



9 Comments on “Throw Back Thursday with Gladys Knight

  1. These are two of my favourite ballads. I find I have to be careful when I listen to them because they bring up such powerful emotions that are seldom expressed. Music is inspiring. Peace and love, Harlon


    • Van you always send me what I need. I love Lionel but the are so many choses, Your version was priceless. I’ve planned a Motown Thursday, There are so many 50-60s I could dance all night.You brought the right remedy, perfect RX!!!!!!! Fee Times a Mady is by far the best suggestion.
      Do you get your dancing shoes on?
      Have a great weekend.

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      • I pretend when possible. Don’t want to be the person always has a complaint. The complaint is from dying. I attended my first forward at 9 and have not stopped. I’ve had to learn after two people, one being my friend. My gramps dies last and hard to overcome. I’m not depressed, it’s denial.


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      • My first loss at age 6, they kept us away from the funeral. Not sure that was better ?
        Request…maybe the Rolling Stones ?? They have a new blues album out…


      • I’m working into between tears, what your fav song? I Think the Boss and let me know one one guy you’ll get a surprise, I’m not talk about the the 19 kids you mon tried to keen in concoctor.


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