Writing Consult Update II

Living a Beautiful Life

The day of the writing consult finally arrived!

I was prepared:

  1. I had a hard copy of the submission as well as a digital copy on a flash drive.
  2. I had pens.  (Yes, those ancient instruments!)
  3. I’d read the submission a couple of times and stopped when I focussed too much on things I’d change.
  4. I reflected on the story:  the characters; the settings; the language… why I’d chosen certain words, etc.
  5. I had ideas how the story could be improved.
  6. I arrived an hour early.


I was excited!  Oddly enough, I wasn’t nervous or apprehensive at all.


So, what did they say?

Writer Guy:  I liked this story.  Your writing is very good so my suggestions are stylistic.

Me:  (happy, surprised silence).

Writer Guy is a graduate of an accredited post-secondary writing program and is a working, published writer.

Since his comments were stylistic, he pointed out that other people…

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