Special Thowback Thursday * For the Survivor in You *

Are you a Survivor? Most of us have experienced trauma in our lifetime, moving forward sets your mind free and allows you back in the driver seat. There were chunks of time in my life I struggled with childhood trauma or depression left me feeling like I could not face another day. Shame from losing a job, guilt for not seeing family, another change in meds or falling into the abyss of suicidal thoughts. Sometimes we have to look back to see how far we’ve come and let the feelings of achievement soak in. The trauma of a Hacker/Cyberstalker this past month had a grip around my neck. Sleep impossible, stress, fear, lack of control, lack of understanding by family and Therapist left me feeling isolated.

I focused on examples in my life, my Granny came to mind. She experienced trauma at nine years old with the death of her father, survived as the economy slowly recovered from war, she fought until her last breath. Her and my Gramps taught me by doing, I forced myself outside to plant a flower garden while learning to walk again. Amazed at what came natural, poking for snakes, getting dirt under nails, grading the soil and working till my back hurt. I felt a deep connection to her working in the garden or watering flowers. After a few days I saw results of my hard work and realized while outside my mind quit talking.

My soul felt free, I had to stop and pat myself on the back. I would survive until the next road block. Have you taken time to give yourself credit for each step you’ve made? Today is a good day to look back to see you are moving forward.

The music this week is for the Survivor in You.

Xx M

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    • We’ll my lengthy reply blew away forever loser. How did you know I used to go by Warrior. That was from my toxic days in a community site. I’m not sure it fits me now. I’m a Warrior inside but happy to be a Survivor.
      I’m walking, the Hacker/stalker had me jump out of bed , it took three weeks but now I think will settle down. I know them and they will continue to bother if can. They are a sourly away to not much they can do now that they have exposed all the week spots in my computer. They were not to physically hurt me, just cause emotional damage and hurt people I can about on the team. All is well and we moving forward.
      Take care and keep moving forward.

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