New Chapter in My Life Begins

I’ve started to walk again, it fells great and very unstable. Throughout my battle with Lyme I prayed for my Granny’s strength. My Granny had to learn to walk twice as an adult. The first was from a terrible accident leaving her in a wheelchair or walker for years.

She cleaned new houses for extra money, whatever the job required she would get it done. One day while cleaning the windows in the cathedral ceiling she fell 1 1/2 stories, landing on her feet. Both feet and ankles shattered, the Doctors has to fuse bone together to give her a foot. It took two surgeries to achieve best results. It was a very dark time, being dependent and not spending time outside weighed heavy on her mind. She always said she would walk again, there was never a question in my mind. She was strong enough to handle anything.

Years later she woke up on day and couldn’t walk. Doctor’s could not find anything wrong, doctor after doctor. Thankfully she was not in pain, which gave me the freedom to make the wheelchair a race car. I would take her to mall most weekends, just get her out of the house. I starting making screeching brake noises as we turned corners, I would push real hard and hop on back rolling freely down the long walkways. We would look at blouses, deep in the department, I would make vroom-vroom noises, saying it’s time to buy or move on.

Those were difficult times but we made it thru the best we could. God put many challenges in front of Granny, she always knew she would overcome. She never giving up on God or herself. Her strength and positive thinking carved its was into my personality.

She never gave on me.

Today I walk again.

Xx M


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