To C who’s in Reserves

Chromic Lyme caused many falls, some serious, some not. I took two good slams to my right knee in 18 months. It didn’t prepare me for needing a knee replacement. They pain level from Lyme was so high, Β the knee became part of the over all pain. I received the long needle steroid shot yesterday along with the news. I’m staying positive by saying better now than later yet know there are other surgeries in the future.

Recovering from surgeries caused from misadventures with Lyme and resisting a cane. I am only 53 and feel much younger than my body. Now he says it’s essential to get a walker to help me with balance. I went from sick to no memory to old and decrypted.

I had to get jacked up, feel younger than my body. Music takes me anywhere, doing anything, just close my eyes.

Hope you enjoy the selection. Β x M

53 Comments on “I need a Rebel Yell, She cries more, more, more.

  1. Love the new drawing
    I’m so sorry to hear about
    Your pain and falling
    Went to pain management Dr today
    I’m in a holding pattern
    Will be starting new medicine soon
    Big hugs M
    As Sheldon Always

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    • You made my day by stopping by. Pain has been my life for two years but I’ll heal to get on with finding out who I am after Lyme. I’ve changed, not sure what I’ll find. A Pain Management Doctor was a great idea. You have suffered so long, you may be a new person when they get the meds correct. I would love to see you without pain. Finding a women friend or may change. You’re whole World! Hugs M

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    • I forgot to comment on your new art, yes! yes! much better than the Gravatar block out. I’ve been looking back thru time at my comments, we talked all the time. I was surprised to see how often. One major change has been your health, I pray it’s on the upswing now.


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