I need a Rebel Yell, She cries more, more, more.

To C who’s in Reserves

Chromic Lyme caused many falls, some serious, some not. I took two good slams to my right knee in 18 months. It didn’t prepare me for needing a knee replacement. They pain level from Lyme was so high, ย the knee became part of the over all pain. I received the long needle steroid shot yesterday along with the news. I’m staying positive by saying better now than later yet know there are other surgeries in the future.

Recovering from surgeries caused from misadventures with Lyme and resisting a cane. I am only 53 and feel much younger than my body. Now he says it’s essential to get a walker to help me with balance. I went from sick to no memory to old and decrypted.

I had to get jacked up, feel younger than my body. Music takes me anywhere, doing anything, just close my eyes.

Hope you enjoy the selection. ย x M


    1. You made my day by stopping by. Pain has been my life for two years but I’ll heal to get on with finding out who I am after Lyme. I’ve changed, not sure what I’ll find. A Pain Management Doctor was a great idea. You have suffered so long, you may be a new person when they get the meds correct. I would love to see you without pain. Finding a women friend or may change. You’re whole World! Hugs M

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    2. I forgot to comment on your new art, yes! yes! much better than the Gravatar block out. I’ve been looking back thru time at my comments, we talked all the time. I was surprised to see how often. One major change has been your health, I pray it’s on the upswing now.


        1. Hell yes being a rocker, if you like the music. I’m a true rocker, my #1 choice but I listen to all styles. If I want my blood to pump and remember my dancing days, has to be rock. I was down and broken and now feel better.
          Have a great eveving/morning where ever you are. M

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          1. Not bad… You like what I’ve been doing eh? I’ve not been told that my mind works overtime before… Thanks ๐Ÿ˜Š
            Planet Simon is named as such because that’s literally what it is! ๐Ÿ˜Ž


          2. Yes it is your World. You brain works at a level my brain works on a different channel. I totally enjoyed the ruins, Wow! The Magna Carte. I love history of many countries. Rome is very fascination. They were true archetics, I saw ruins & mosaic, it blew my mind while setting in a small mostly intact amphitheater. I’m rambling on, it happens when my brain lights up. M

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          3. That you did Simon
            Do you get into history that often, that will keep me coming back time and time. I’m very ill and can’t do the research like in the past. If I’ve read about and got into, or watched a show like the Vickings, that was an awesome show. Then my brain lights up. I would go and learn all about the area then decide if the place went on my Bucket List.
            Do you have a bucket list?

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          4. I do post some history or talk about old things sometimes. There’s a lot about history I like but I often don’t think about it until I see or hear it.
            Sorry you’re ill – what’s wrong with you?
            You know… I don’t have a bucket list. I’m not sure I should have one.

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          5. Simon
            Of course you need a Bucket List, aren’y there so many places to see and things to do before you leave this earth. I’ll share my bucket list with you in a reply have to find link. What did you think of the Rcker music today? Your style. I am into guitars. M


          6. I like a good rock guitar!
            My only issue with a bucket list is just because I have one doesn’t mean it’ll happen.

            I would like to see yours! ๐Ÿ˜Š

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          7. Simon
            You don’t thinkk about because your brain is working overtime on other interest. I’ll keep my eye out for any type of history post. I’m also really into Art, Music, Old Books and of course technology. M


          8. Simon
            I’m waiting to hear what you thought of guitar jam session today. Probably not your style 24/7 but I’m sure you can appreciate the artistry. Out the corner of my eye I see you mention Bucket List, I’m curious why you don’t think that’s cool. No problem, we’re all doing our own thing. M


          9. I left a comment on the guitar piece… As for the bucket , I dunno. Maybe it scares me a bit. But I’ve not thought about it.


          10. We’re all crazy! Yes I did imply and it’s the truth. Spend some time read my About Me pages and a few old post. I’m Not the same person today. I’m a Survivor.
            I like talking to everyone and you sound like your mind is to busy for me to keep up. M

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          11. I’ve been to England once. I stayed in a small town called Hemel Hempstead, that is where I saw the Roman influence on the area. Bricks were still stand after all these years. It blew my mind. There was a small museum close by and the Romans were ahead of their times.

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