After Good-bye

These beautiful words and the feels that go with, leave tears in my eyes, my heart aches. Like you, we’ve Survived to learn what’s most important.
Love ya Hugs

The Starting End

a3986f8d6cac136fd1a94ce68b6a87a4I told him I loved him
His hand held in mine, as I curled up
By his side
Stroked back his hair,
His forehead I kissed
And said it was time to go to the light

His breathing, then shallow
I fought not to cry,
I felt Dads soul leave
Right after he died

There once was a time I was not so lucky
When God took my Husband away
There were no good byes, no last words
Behind with our children, I would stay

Numb to the bone,
Not a clue where to start
Love, anger and rage
Ripped apart my heart

Did I arrive too late,or did he go too fast?
There is no more future
There’s now just a past

Its’ been so many years, 14 to this day
Questions still come and go
Is it fair to complain and bitch about life?
I’ve learned I’m just…

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