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My first blog started in 2005 and hosted by Blogger. I was caring for my dying grandmother. I had to write and let it go. Her death was devastating, as you’ve read in many post. She’s never left my side. Granny was the strongest woman I ever met, she knew how to keep her mouth shut. Something I did not inherit. I could let out steam, cry by myself, recharge for next day. Yesterday WordPress sent an Achievement notice. Time does fly, in sickness and health.

You are the reason I’ve stayed. You followed me, left good and a few bad comments, you lifted me up when I was down. Most importantly your Blog has entertained, made me cry and lifted my spirits to the sky. I am blessed to talk with each of you. Thank you for standing by me these crazy eight years. Β M


  1. 8 Year Anniversary Achievement
    Happy Anniversary with!
    You registered on 8 years ago.
    Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging.


    1. On days like this week it sure doesn’t feel like I’m ahead. But tomorrow is a new day and I have a huge party to host! Stop by you’ll have a crazy time. M Like wise on the endurance comments. What are you doing up so early? It’s 4:15 am here and I haven’t entered the bedroom. I’ve been pounding away on the comments. I didn’t think I was that interesting but people are lighting up my notifications light. Hugs

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          1. She grew up in the area. I went over in 1992 with my then husband. Her husband and mine worked together. They were planning a transfer to America for two years. Good times, pretty much went bust. She’s been battling Cancer and I was to sick to see her on last visit to the states.


          2. Oh I see… You kind of lead them through it. I guess the abuse may have ked you to drugs as an escape maybe? Anyway… Its good to know you’re about and you’re fun and honest. 😎

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          3. You can read my About Me page on my sight and get a glimpse of my upbringing. Very sad, my father was severally mentally ill and a drunk. I haven’t forgiven him for the abuse, forgotten is better word. Sometimes you have to move forward without closing wounds. He killed himself in 1992. I’m a strong person now for surviving, I tried many times to kill myself starting at nine years old.
            I have Bipolar Disorder which is a mental illness without a cure. Actually no mental illnesses have a cure. I’m older than most of the writer except two, but they still suffer or have an extremely complex mental illness.
            Enough lesson on my background and the brain.

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          4. We all have our rough days, mental illness can make it a struggle and pull you down very quick. I’m fortunate to have a awesome loving doctor and Therapist. In 20 years I’ve become a woman, hit bottom more than one, they taught me certain skills. You use the best you can or pick up the phone. Everyone has something inside about themselves or outside influences that pull at them.

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