Chronic Lyme Disease has given me time to reflect on life’s blessings. To stay motivated, I think of a bright future. Travel locations and adventures left to do.

I want to help my community and keep expanding my mind.

I’m preparing for my charity, with a focus is Pastoral work.

Helping people, animals and the environment are my core beliefs.

I will live a full life expanding my soul and supporting others.


Watch artist hand craft a Turkish rug

Learn to double jump rope

Roller Derby

Watch baby turtles hatch and return to sea

Drive Hover Craft

Tango Lessons

Drive Monster Truck

Drive 18 Wheeler

Train and Volunteer to rescue wild animals

I had a panic attack during a dive in 1999. I have to dive again to tackle the fear

Visit the worlds Wineries, extra long stay in France

Volunteer for RAINN as Advocate Speaker for Child Abuse and Sexual Abuse

I love to hear your travel stories, life accomplishments, adventure vacations. Where is life taking you? 

Xx  Melinda

14 Comments on “Bucket List * Life of Adventure*

  1. I love it, all these things like the rug and the turtles especially are all experiences that cannot be taken away and that’s the kind of thing I like. There are thing on here I never would have considered.
    The monster truck – Hell yes!

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