Liebster Award

Shelton at Wrote a poem to post with the announcement of his Leibster Award. Thank you Shelton, you’ve been a good friend. M

Sheldon Kleeman


Stander,not your ordinary

Stander,will go beyond to

Complete a task,an ability

That far exceeds most man

Yet the sad truth is that this

Man is vulnerable,has an

Achilles Heel,can be brought

Down with a single blow

Stander is still the choice

When it comes to being

Picked because he is not

Afraid to lose,even with

The odds that a good fight……..

I am still the fighter in life’s

Square circle and will be

Till my arm can not be

Raised ,yes I am Stander

By definition, and I

Can be duplicated but

Never ever imitated

I would like to thank  Melanie for nominated me for the liebster Award

It always seems when I need it the most someone always steps I and gives

Me a hand,Melanie did just that,her blog is called she always has something good to say or a good song to listen to,so please do me…

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