I upgraded my account now all Premium Themes are free. Great but mine doesn’t look as nice and clean. Give it to me straight, the improvements are for you. I want the site to catch your attention, easy to maneuver, find resources and of course come back. Not sure I got this one right.

All feedback will help me, help you!


6 Comments on “Help!!! What do you think of new Theme?

  1. I too moved to a new theme. I like this though I think it could use more definition between the writing and the color of the header. Good luck with your upgrade, that’s fabulous!

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    • Hi friend
      If I understand correctly, your saying a stronger or more bold header photo? That was one of my issues as well. I don’t like the process of change, now my Twitter isn’t working. I do most of my Advocacy work on Twitter so it’s critical for followers or visitors to see. I hope you had great success. I haven’t been around anywhere really, Lyme has a ball and chain around me most days.
      I do miss talking to you. Best of wishes.

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      • I am so sorry you still suffering. Lyme is personal, my husband contracted it and it was a nightmare. He finally overcame it but it took a good year and a half. That was what I was saying a darker background should make your writing stand out. I lost my 3000 followers when I lost my old blog…I am back to 300, lol. That’s not the issue, I was able to download some of my poetry so that is good. Take care my friend and enjoy your new upgraded blog, it took awhile for me to get the kinks out of mine but I think it’s ok now. Best wishes to you!

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      • Since becoming ill my readership has decreased along with my health. Followers and visits are not a priority in my life now. Living is, oh I still have a ego and love to meet new people. I take each day as it comes, some days are spent in bed others are talking to great people like you.

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