Looking Back Over My Shoulder -Humanities at (roughly) 450 mph

Another reflective post from SE.Enjoy. M

Sunflower Solace Farm

(Oooh, a fragmented lost in draft post, just found, from earlier this year)

Now that was a catchier title than “Getting to know  my fellow air travelers”, was it not?

Feet firmly back on the ground from vacation, I’ve been in hibernation from over-socialization. It isn’t that anyone was rude or intentionally draining either. I simply respond to excess people exposure like well-used rechargeable batteries – I wear out quickly.

Because my trip was an outgrowth from a surgical survival promise to myself, I tried to challenge my normal safety zones during this vacation. My normal flight behavior is book + headphones = polite ‘please ignore me’ signaling.  I’m one of those people that everyone feels compelled to chat with for some odd reason; sometimes to extremes. But I don’t like to be rude, so the book comes in handy as a passive indicator of the fact that I’m done…

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