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Supporting a great cause doesn’t require a large donation, any amount stacks up and when the goal is reached you feel satisfaction. I live in Plano, Texas where a number of school are underserved and underfunded. When I receive an email from a School Teacher needing help, I look for projects with matching funds, ask myself if this the project hits my heart? The amount donated isn’t the point, you donate to Teachers and Children, who are our future. The children are already several steps behind other students, if I can make a difference in a child’s life, it’s a privilege.

Teachers listen up, this is a nationwide project and changes are one of your fellow teachers has submitted a project or the school isn’t aware of resource. 

“Listen to Reading”

My students need personal CD players so that they can hear what fluent reading sounds like and so that they can become more fluent readers themselves.

My Students

“When you can read then you can go to Kalamazoo or Idaho”. This is a line from one of my favorite poems. It is so true and my goal as a first grade teacher is for my students to learn to read and to love to read!

I teach first grade to ESL, bilingual, and regular ed children at a Title 1 school in an urban district.

The majority of my students are low socioeconomic and they are all very active and really need activities that will keep them focused and engaged. They are eager to learn and love our Daily 5 (literacy center) time. They really enjoy listening to books on tape, but don’t always want to listen to the same book as their neighbor.

My Project

In our classroom we use the Daily 5/ CAFE form of Guided Reading. While I am working with a small group the others are completing work independently. I would like to give my students the freedom to choose their own books and listen to them; encouraging them to become independent readers. With these CD players and headphones my students will be able to listen to a book or song of their own choosing.

I cannot express what an extremely important grade first grade is and how passionately I feel about my students learning to read and learning to LOVE reading.

In order to do that it is crucial to give them exciting activities that make them want to learn and want to read.

Where Your Donation Goes

FF335X – Student CD Player – Set of 4• LAKESHORE LEARNING MATERIALS $149.00 1 $149.00
FD236 – AC Adaptor • LAKESHORE LEARNING MATERIALS $11.99 4 $47.96
Materials cost $196.96
Vendor shipping charges FREE
State sales tax $0.00
3rd party payment processing fee $2.95
Fulfillment labor & materials $30.00
Total project cost $229.91
Suggested donation to help reach more classrooms $40.57
Total project goal $270.48
Still needed View calculation $0.00

Our team works hard to negotiate the best pricing and selections available.


Previous Projects Funded

Dear Melinda

Thank you all so very much for your donations! My Reluctant Mathematicians will be so excited to see this new piece of technology added to our station rotation. With budget cuts abound this really cushions the blow. There are so many great resources available in apps that this will really give my kids an edge.

I will create a folder for each student on the iPad for them to have specific games that are chosen to meet the needs of their specific deficits. There are so many great features on the iPad. I can’t wait to let them use the video camera for them to tape themselves solving a tricky problem and then use that as a tutorial for another student who is working on that same problem.

Thank you again!

Melinda Sandor from Texas gave in support of Rebuild Moore Schools with a gift card from Warby Parker


Dear Melinda

We were so excited to have our grant fulfilled! It has really changed how we are able to run stations during math and science groups. I didn’t tell the kids that we were going to get a new technology tool, so when I came to group and pulled the iPad and keyboard from my bag they were so surprised.

The students have really enjoyed getting the opportunity to work on the iPad everyday. There are so many free educational apps, I have yet to find a skill we were working on that there was not an app for. The kids enjoy having fewer kids per station when they come to work with me during intervention time. They look forward to getting their turn on the iPad and trying to beat their classmates scores on different educational games.

I have individual folders organized onto the iPad for each student group. They go straight to their folder and have the ability to choose from those apps which game the would like to play. I am able to easily rename the folders to them up to date to reflect the curriculum we are currently working on. One of our favorite things to do now is to solve a problem correctly and then have a partner video them solving the problem. We then save the file with the name of the assignment and question number. That way when a peer is struggling with that question they can go watch their friend’s tutorial video on the iPad. We are also using the iPad in the science lab to take pictures that show the progression of projects.

I really don’t know how we even functioned without our iPad. Groups are running more smoothly, students are more engaged, and they are anxious to get a problem correctly and explain their thinking on a video. The iPad has also created a competitive streak in our group to see who can have the highest score on different apps. All in all, and invaluable tool in our classroom. Thank you for your support and generosity!

Post inspired by my friend AOA. She dedicated to the effort of her students in multiple schools with learning difficulties. Thank you AOA, you’re an inspiration.


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