Male Child Sexual Abuse and Homosexual Confusion

Blogging started as a coping mechanism to grieve my Granny. Spending years writing about how my grandparents unconditional love saved me from myself. Before long my post centered more around my traumatic background, it was seamless not a conscious decision. I have learned everyone’s trauma is different, even when they appear the same.

I knew nothing of men’s sexual abuse. Five years ago I met several male friends who were sexually assaulted as children and adults. None of my traumatic experiences prepared me for how different boy’s and men process sexual assault.

To all the Men Survivors of Sexual Assault, please know you are loved and supported by those without understanding the pain and trauma inside. You are loved for who you are.

I found this video on YouTube by Mark Sanford. I don’t know him and not endorsing in any way. I am acknowledging his trauma, the pain and deep emotional suffering he went thru. Honestly, I don’t know if the video will help anyone. Please know I’m committed to learning all I can about Male Sexual Assault because I care. I know the pain of dragging the self-hatred around for years.

If the video is crap please tell me, I learn from feedback. Share what’s helpful, thought-provoking or out of left field.

I’ve been asked to write for Men’s Movement,  an organization supporting men’s mental health and personal development. Please check out their site. Soon to come a post shining the light on Men’s Movement with an in-depth overview. I’m submitting my first post soon.

For M

Xx M


  1. I found the video really interesting – thanks for sharing. He was so open about what he went through, it was beautiful! The only problem I have with it is that he made it sound like his homosexual feelings later on in life were wrong, and had to have something to do with him being abused or with his father. Some people are just gay or bisexual – including people who have been abused. It’s not something to repress. I’m still glad I watched it though

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