The past two weeks has challenged me. I took several steps backwards with Lyme which has opened the door to the black dog. Music always soothes my soul, I’ve picked some great tunes and dedicated each one. Request lines are but phone is not ringing. I know you want your tunes played! Whisper in my ear, comment section open 24/7. Thank you for stopping by today, I always look forward to seeing you. M

Dedicated to Survivors Blog Here

Dedicated to Twin Pย 

Dedicated to Charly Priest

20 Comments on “Triple Shot Thursday *Great Oldies, Not That Old*

      • You too, how have things been? Sorry I’ve not been about. I’ve not seen you about on my feet and life is hectic.
        Hope you’re well ๐Ÿ™‚

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      • I gathered you were busy when I saw the post about work. Lyme has taken me back a few steps and depression has set in. I’m not deeply depressed so I’ll come around soon. Have a great day. I did read your post on the planets. M


      • I hope you come round from your depression soon my friend. You always strike me as such a full in person but I guess you hide it. Catch up with you soon I hope โ˜บ๏ธ

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      • Hi Simon
        It’s called my Mask. It’s complicated to explain in a comment section. I put to much pressure on self and set to high expectations I can’t always meet.


    • Great song, I can see you liking and relating to it. I had not heard before or probably don’t remember. It went with the rest of memory that is long gone. I know a number of team mates don’t always read all the post, I had to make sure everyone kew they were loved and a champion to me.
      Help me out if you can, I’m looking for 2-3 people to join us. If you have ideas email me so we can talk private. Another photog would be grreat. Pitcutes say a thousand words and each interpred differently.
      Big Hugs


  1. I could tell you are having a rough time, M. The Lyme is taking its toll, I’m so sorry, and wish you peace of mind to get through it all.

    I’m in the mood for some REM next week ???

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    • I need 1000% REM! How could you tell, by the old post I repeated? You always know yet those close have no clue. It’s the mother in you!!!!!! So you don’t think I should blogging? Breaks I can’t do, to much quilt. I’m a Survivor, yet still have some baggage to work out. It’s taken a week to remember the name of Locus. Have a great weekend!
      Big Hugs, you’re the best. Let’s just rest, chat and have a cuppa coffee.

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