Genetic Study finds Efficacy of Popular Antidepressants

Another Genetic Study from 23 & Me, gives me hope and makes by blood boil. One technology will allow people who suffer with mental illness, have a better life. New drugs, clinical trials, preclinical trials, cover you ass just in case issues. I believe there are drugs being tested now who will make a difference for future generations.

I don’t foresee a cure, but anything is possible after I’m long gone. If we have the Genetic information to determine if an antidepressant will work, where is it! I spent my 20 & 30’s suffering, wanting ti die many times. Taking over 40 medications, having ECT 20 times, implanted with a Vagus Nerve Stimulator to get any relieve from the black dog.

Maybe it’s not cost effect to roll out or on the scale needed for the general public. Logically I know every generation moves the bar closer for the next generation. I firmly believe its up to us to speak out, shout out with Advocates Groups for better care and cost of insurance. We have the right to vote people in or out of office based on track record and views on Mental Illness.

I’m more outspoken and angry because the black dog has me by the neck pulling me further done. I also want people with Stigma’s to get out of dark ages and educate themselves.

Many of you know part of my brain doesn’t work so if I forgot what it said or misunderstood, please read and make up your mind what it means to our community. The black dog is choking me hard, I’m eager to hear from my doctor for some relief. I’m tired of not liking myself and not being productive.

Thank you Melinda


I appreciate your comments, what you have to say is important. Thank you.

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