Update On Twitter Advocacy Success: *Let’s Celebrate*

Five weeks ago I broadened my Advocacy work by jumping on Twitter. On 7/5/17 there were 100 followers, today the number is 1,962. What a nice surprise.

The configuration on my Twitter timeline only shows the organizations I follow. The timeline updates twice a day focussing on organizations I follow, avoiding the toxic dump.

I’m writing for Men’s Movement in Sweden. My first post is in review. Focusing a limited number helps gain more information outside their mission statement.

I want to thank you for supporting, encouraging and cheerleading me on. Moving my Advocacy to the level is a goal important to me. Let’s celebrate! The New York Times twitter feed gave a shout out for the content this week. Big surprise and honored.

Next week I’m writing an overview of Men’s Movement. Thrilled to join of the community.

 I follow 47 Charities, Charitable Organizations, Writers, News Outlets and a few followers.

I want to share the names of the some of the organizations.

  • I Am Evidence
  • Mental Health Channel
  • Bipolar Connect
  • Time to Change
  • Bring Change To Mind
  • Men’s Movement
  • 1in6
  • Jeff Emerson
  • WomensLaw.org


I appreciate your comments, what you have to say is important. Thank you.

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