Post Traumatic Stress

Patricia is a courageous woman, honest in her writings and allows you into her like. I think she is a wonderful. M

Patricia J Grace

photo by patricia

Unprocessed trauma causes severe and long lasting injury. Trauma commonly goes underground for children sexually abused because no one wants to acknowledge their own shame in committing the acts or for not protecting her from them. A child is critically wounded and no one comes. She’s bleeding and hanging on to life, but you don’t see the blood. She needs help and immediate intervention yet is left stranded and silenced. Yet life goes on. 

An entire piece of her is locked away and behind the chains are all evidence of the child she was or the person she would have become. She does what she can to survive. Her brain deals with the sudden impact of life and death attacks internally. Over and over the mind spins with no relief. Nerve impulses create unhealthy pathways, deep grooves that become repetitive, permanent patterns.

Without intervention the child lives…

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