Nurse Arrested & Physically Abused for Doing Job

This story is important to everyone. Freedom was taken away from Nurse by Police Officer who violently abused and arrested an innocent woman. HE still has a job! This behavior adds to the divide in our country. Who next?  When will this insanity end.

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Alex Wubbels is an ER nurse from University Hospital in SLC, Utah who was arrested for following hospital policy and looking out for the rights of her patient.  Let’s get behind her for doing to right thing.

This petition is to raise awareness of the dangers of front line staff in healthcare. Alex was simply following protocol and protecting her patient. She was stuck in a rock and a hard place and protected her patient. It is a situation I’m sure myself and other RNs have found themselves in at some level and at some point in their career.  I can’t speak for what the patient did before they got to me, I will treat them with respect and protect their rights until they give me reason not to (like put me in danger).
 While I am never an advocate for putting someone’s livelihood at risk without due process, I do think Officer Payne needs to have a formal written disciplinary action placed in his permanent file.  If it is found that it has been a trend of similar behaviors during his time on the force, then he should be stripped of his badge.  Additionally, I believe a public apology should be given by him to Alex.
This petition will be delivered to:
  • Utah Governor
  • Senator
    Orrin Hatch
  • SLC Police Chief
    Mike Brown


  1. I understand what you are saying, however, I did read an article about that this had tried to be resolved BEFORE it went viral. The reason it went viral was because Wubbels did not like the outcome of the meeting. She stated they apologized but it was more placating then an actual resolution of them changing a policy or reprimanding the officer(s), therefore she made the public aware of what happened.

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  2. Was the only reason this was brought to the public was because Wubbels did not feel the meeting regarding this incident would have changed anything based on her perception of the meeting?


    1. I’m not sure what exactly you are asking. I would think it was made public since a Police Officer harassed a Nurse when she explained the policy the hospital had with the Dept. It appeared to me there were pushing to break the agreement to hurry and get blood to see if drunk. They did not include all the details. I’m not sure if that answers your question. I feel the video needed to air, innocent citizens can’t be pushed around physically and arrested for being the messenger. 🙂


        1. This would prompt me to sure the police dept., hospital and Security officers if contractors. I could lot believe what I saw. The hospital is treating her for everything she needs to avoid a aw suit.
          All these emotional stories really bother me but people need to no what could happen to them.

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