See Charity Navigator Before You Donate

Charity Navigator will guide you to Charities who are physically responsible. The information provided is enough to make a sound decision on how much of your donation will go to people supported by the Charity.

It was and eye opener when I started researching charities to support, some were spending 85% on the CEO salary and administrative cost. Your money is not going very far. Administrative cost is a line item to look at, if a Charity spends more on advertising than supporting the community, I’m passing. Not to say CEO’s are not entitled to large salaries, they are, if the Charity is high functioning with the money going to the people you want to help. They are earning the salary.

Charity Navigator has a Four Star rating system, Four Stars being the highest score a Charity can receive. With the Holidays around the corner, Charity Navigator could help spread your donation further. The most important message is every donation no matter how small matters. They all add up.  M
 You + Charity Navigator = More Good

Charity Navigator is here when you need us. Like the charities you research on our site, we’re a nonprofit that relies on the support of our users to continue providing our service. Please consider making a gift to support our work today. Together we can do more good.

Update: Hurricanes Harvey & Irma

Over the past month, Charity Navigator has witnessed the incredible generosity of Americans first hand and we are absolutely blown away!

Our team worked quickly to put together lists of top-rated charities responding in the wake of both storms to empower donors to make more informed giving decisions. We saw record-breaking website traffic, Giving Basket use, and media attention. More than 10,000 donors used Charity Navigator’s Giving Basket to donate nearly $4.5 million, and countless others used our lists to confirm their gifts before supporting the organizations directly.

From all of us at Charity Navigator, thank you for using our tools and service to make more informed giving decisions during this important time. We hope you will continue make us part of your charitable giving process.

Disaster recovery in Texas, Florida, and the Caribbean will take months, even years, and many of the charities that were quick to respond will continue their work long after the TV cameras have moved on. If you’re still looking for a way to support those affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma please check out our Hot Topics pages to find lists of highly rated organizations providing recovery support.

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