WordPress Instructions on Republishing a Post

Republishing a Post

Sometimes, you may want to republish an old post. If this is your goal, you have a few different options:

  1. You can reschedule your post by editing the date and time the post was published, entering a future date and time, then clicking Schedule. When the scheduled time arrives, the post will jump from its current position in your timeline to the most recent spot on your blog and display the new date and time. The link for the post will also change to reflect the new publication date. When you reschedule a post, it will not redistribute to your email subscribers.
  2. You can republish your post by changing the status of the post to Draft, clicking Update, then clicking Publish. When you do this, the post will immediately redistribute to your email subscribers. However, the publication date and time will remain the same, so the post’s link and position in your timeline will remain unchanged. If you want a republished post to show up first on your blog, you can always make it “sticky.”


    1. I’ll see tomorrow, I’m recycling a Triple Shot Thursday. I’ve had two doctors apps. this week and found out today I’m having a total knee replacement in two weeks. Not quite in the mood to figure out music. Before it’s over I may not do one. Hugs


    1. The CS folks are sure not! 2 days of hell talking to them about simple issues. They have the crap system and have us held captive. Why is reblogging so many steps, just give the damn button the chance to reblog! I’m em some pre-interview questions. I’m putting on my Journalist hat and going to give you a proper interview so get ready!!!!! 🙂


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