Celebrate with Me, Yesterday I…..

Most know I have Chronic Lyme Diseases, ill for several years and still house bound. I didn’t realize until recently I had developed Agoraphobia created an additional challenge getting behind the wheel.

Lyme Diseases left me with early onset of Dementia, my balance is not the best and remembering is my biggest challenge. I’m taking medicine for Dementia and have seen improvement.

I had to overcome the challenges to find out who I am at 54 years-old. I hug and thank everyone who prayed for me over the years, this celebration is for you.

Yesterday I drove!



    • Hi Sarah
      I just past the four year mark from being diagnosed. Three years of feeling like death and now a reprieve until the next wave comes again. I blogged my journey from the being and have an archive full of Lyme Updates and Chronic Lyme information. If you search for Lyme Update you will hit the bulk of information on site.
      The only words of wisdom if you will is find other bloggers with Lyme to help support on the roughest days. Which sounds like your already doing. My approach to journaling is straight forward about my ups and downs and more focused on educating others on how common and easy Lyme is to get. Some site sample products and offer information, their option and where to buy. You won’t find that on my site.
      I’m working on my second Lyme Progress post and hope to have out next week, it’s a lengthy subject.
      I will help you when I can. Since your more at the start of journey, know it’s unbelievably expensive, their is no cheap way out. We took a second loan on our house to pay for Doctor. The loan didn’t cover the IV medicine but did for RX’s at pharmacy. If you think your doctor is crazy and they don’t share information and explain every question you have, find another doctor.
      I don’t want to overwhelm you, just reach out you need help.

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      • Thank you!
        I’ll tell you: it’s totally not the start of my journey and it’s actually my fourth year, too!!! It’s just that I started posting my story from the beginning.
        I know what you’re talking about. It feels so good knowing I’m not alone In this hell….

        I’d love if you’d follow my blog!

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      • I have cognitive damage since the buggers went to my brain. I have a terrible memory and lack of balance. Fibro, full body neuropathy and who knows what else. I fired my Lyme doctor last year so flying solo while building a team here. That’s the topic of my next post, how many doctors it takes to care for Chronic Lyme.
        What about you?

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    • Van you’ve been my biggest supporter since the day we met, I can’t thank you enough. You’re a great person and sure a great mother.
      That song was going thru my mind but forgot it when put video out. I parked so close on one side of garage I’m leaving it there so my husband can see when he gets back.
      It was a much bigger victory really. This is the first time my husband has gone out of town and left me, first doctor’s appt. he didn’t go on to take notes. I parked way out to get exercises, getting ready for full knee replacement. I thought about the two directions I could leave, the one crossing traffic or the long safe way. I drove across traffic and stopped to get mail, which I haven’t done in just as long.
      I’m not lost, there are pieces of me being strong and knowing it. It’s been a long time coming.

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