I fired my Lyme Literate Doctor

The last straw!

My Lyme PA prescribed a medication which interacted with a psych medication. Making me Psychotic, pure bat crazy. Scared of myself. Walking in circles non-stop until exhausted. It took days for the medication to clear my system and bring me back to earth. It was life changing. I said horrible things to my husband I can’t back.  All said in rage, I was a Monster.

The PA replied by saying the two drugs are in different categories and would not interact that way. I don’t believe my chart what checked against new prescription for interactions. Who knows. I didn’t do my standard process of checking the FDA site. My normal practice is to read the FDA history and related interactions before starting a medication.

Next Update will discuss how I’m building a local Lyme team, the illnesses, ailments, permanent changes I have and regression. Some topics listed below.

Building local Medical team

Early on set Dementia

Cognitive challenges


Severe headaches

Uncontrollable shaking 

Antibiotics, skin sensitivity 

Immune System impacted indefinitely  


11 Comments on “Lyme Update #20: *Moving Forward*

  1. Glad it didn’t continue for long, M. Sorry that you have to be your own advocate with this stuff. Look forward to your series of posts. Take care of yourself.


    • I’m a more educated personal on medical issues and know how important questions are. Once the next post are revealed you’ll see how much worse I am. I may want to give up some days but it’s not an option. Thanks for touching base. Hugs.
      I’ll probably take a few more weeks to lay very low before I can resume a schedule. Total knee replacement at 54 isn’t fun!!!!!!!!

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