“Your Song” Blog Party! *Everyone is Welcome*


Bad Company has been a favorite since a teenager, it’s no surprise they are my favorite band.

Before I play a video, there is a story connected. I went to see Bad Company in my twenty’s, during the show I kept hearing they were going to the Hard Rock Cafe (back when it was cool). After the show I went straight to Hard Rock. I ate and saved my bill for them to sign, any of them. I was truly hoping for the lead singer.

Three hours later they arrive, I’m getting an autograph, they arrive on third floor and go straight into private room. I was crushed. Try again another show.

Here’s one of my favs from Bad Company.   M




  1. I too am sort of an autograph seeker. I bring all my cd’s, vinyl, books and sometimes cassettes by the band in my knapsack and hope to get it signed at the show. I am at about 50% success rate. I have tons of signed stuff here.

    Here’s an insider tip. Be nice to the merch person, and let them know you have a blog, and will be writing about the show. That sometimes generates a good response. It also helps if you buy merch of course, which I usually do. Sometimes the merch person will take your stuff into the back and get the band to sign it. I have been lucky when no other fans get their stuff signed except mine on many occasions. Good luck the next time. You Can’t Get Enough Bad Company Autographs.

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