After chatting with WordPress Support about the Reblog button not working, I learn they already know and no completion date is given. From my own experience not everyone is effected.

Here’s a link I was given to show tracking process. I asked if the link included a completion date I received no answer. We are tracking it here:

WP.comTue, Feb 20, 9:00 PM
If you look at the top right, there is a place to be notified when it gets updated.

WP.comTue, Feb 20, 9:00 PM
I would suspect an issue with this much attention should get fixed sooner than later.

lookingforthelightblogTue, Feb 20, 9:01 PM
Thank you signing out

WP.comTue, Feb 20, 9:01 PM
Chat us again if you have more questions!




11 Comments on “Where’s Waldo, Where’s The Reblog Button?

    • I would put WordPress in the dune category. Their programmers make changes and the change affects user’s. They need more accountability to WordPress instead of their department. Same ole same!!!!!! Have a great day.


    • I understand your frustration!!!! It works 80% of time, then programming fucks it up with their changes. I send good karma and happiness your way. I pray you’re having great fun on vacation. The reblog button is back up after a week. 🙂

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      • I am having a good vacation, it’s nice to escape winter, but I feel like such a dork, because I really miss my Mom. xo Harlon

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      • I understand exactly what you’re feeling. I felt guilty going home for two good nights of sleep and leaving his sister’s there. Try to think and imagine the world ahead of you. You know the day will come, after grieving you’ll push the feelings aside and move forward. 🙂

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