“Crazy and insane” comments from an NRA spokeswoman

Another great post from Amy Gamble. Have a great weekend. M

Shedding Light on Mental Health

After watching the CNN town hall meeting held in Florida regarding the terrible school shooting tragedy, I was disheartened to hear the NRA spokeswoman use such terms as “crazy, insane, monstrous.” The acts of the shooter were incomprehensible. But those of us who live with mental illness should never be lumped into a small group of people who are violent.

The NRA spokeswoman also said “the mentally ill” should be put into a “criminal database” and be prohibited from having guns. I’m in agreement that people who have mental illness should not have guns. It’s my personal viewpoint. But criminalizing mental illness will keep people from getting the help they need.

Further, what should qualify as diagnosis that make owning a gun illegal? Does that mean a person with depression goes into the hospital with suicidal thoughts and gets flagged as a dangerous mentally ill crazy person? Or is criminalizing…

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    1. I’m from Texas and were proud of our right to carry guns. Fortunately no school shooting here. If someone is determined to hurt someone they will find a way off the register to get one. My feeling on assault riffles have always been different, why? I don’t know why someone needs that type of guns. This is going to require lots of communication and corporation, not one way thinking. I don’t know why schools don’t have metal detectors in the short term and maybe they stay. None of us have all the answers, we need all-in to solve ambush style killings of our children. Thanks for replying, if two who don’t know each other can talk, why can’t that talking circle keep growing. Us vs them has not worked before and it’s not working now. 🙂 M

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          1. Many world famous artist were genius, they were at time out of control but at that time is was so-so expected. Would you expect someone to bite your year off? You can do anything, depression gets in our way but it doesn’t live from being lead. I think you live a good life! Not everyday but most days. I’ve been in bed for a few days myself, no energy and no care. We get back up. Hugs


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