Lyme Progress #1 Pain Management


You may have noticed the name change from Lyme Update to Lyme Progress. The reason for the change, it’s time to start looking forward, short-term and long-term. I still struggle with illnesses which Lyme left and have days can’t get out of bed. WINNING is looking forward. The chronically ill understand this mindset.

After dismissing my Lyme Doctor in Washington, I came back to Texas determined to build a team of doctors who could manage the different aspects of my illness. The next post I will talk about the long list of doctors required, today I wanted to discuss my immediate complaint. PAIN, PAIN, PAIN!

I made my General Practitioner the main doctor, he was my GP prior to Lyme but many years had passed. We didn’t know each other any longer and trust had to be earned on both sides. We have scheduled 30-minute appointments instead of normal 15 minutes, we have more time to talk. Talking is a big part of getting to know each other.

I’ve had several appointments with him and last week we talked about PAIN. Being a bit detailed, I put the list below together to show the different types of pain. Pain is pain is pain is not the same pain. There are many types of pain and over time they can feel like one but are not.

The information provided helped him see there were many areas of my health not being addressed. What does that mean? He had no clue how to treat a chronically ill patient. Medication, I decide the number of pain meds required every day not him.

Chronic Lyme Illness? Bacteria how active?

Lyme Arthritis



Full Body Pain

Injuries: Current falls injuring knee and shoulder

Related: Difficulty Sleeping creating more inflammation

Falling down the stairs, breaking bones

I pray this post helps somebody, if so please pay it forward. Bless you.




  1. It feels like you are moving in a powerful direction – using the word progress and being assertive and detailed about your health care. I’m praying for your healing and wishing you the best. ❤

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