A few weeks ago I fell and gashed my head, needing six staples. We talked about going to a Doc-in-a-Box but decided to go the hospital. We didn’t choose a Doc-in-a-Box since some charge outrageous fees. My General Practitioner didn’t have anyone available so the choices were narrowed down.

We didn’t have time to find out if the Doc-in-Box charged reasonable fees or Urgent Care fees. What is the difference between the two is worth finding out. Here are a few options.

Tele-doctor   Can handle colds, flu, baby needs and other non urgent care from your computer. Our Insurance company is pushing this option, it’s very affordable.

General Practitioner  I prefer my GP, fees like a visit.

Doc-in-the-Box  Doctors? Skilled Nurses? Handles a broken bones, sprained ankle, cold, flu and baby needs.

Urgent Care. Doctors? Skilled nurses? Fees? This is a gray area to me.

Choosing the hospital over other options put a dent in our pocket-book. I was there three hours, IV and all the fan fare which came to $12,000. Insurance will negotiate the amount to a number we can live with, thank goodness.

Know your options to be prepared.



I want to hear your thoughts. I can take it!

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