Don’t Forget About These Kids!

It’s almost the start of school, please consider buying a backpack already supplied or buy supplies yourself. Our Kroger is having a backpack drive. Have a great day. M

Army of Angels: Part 2

Our local domestic violence center is collecting school supplies for the young victims of domestic violence. In this season of school supply shopping, I think that I must live in a very compassionate town. Local churches and businesses collect backpacks and supplies for local kids in need. There are back to school bashes and mass giveaways. There is a high poverty rate here, and every bit of support counts!

Even with all of the great support, there is a group that the bashes and giveaways don’t necessarily reach. Domestic violence survivors and the children involved are not likely to partake in these.

When the AoA kids and I left our abuser, socializing was not something we did much. Fear followed us at its strongest, during the first year of survival. In addition to fear, it never crossed my mind that there was something we needed. I just focused on staying…

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