Short Informative Videos on Lyme Disease

If your doctor does not listen to your physical complaints change doctors ASAP. This holds true for anyone. Lyme is real, Chronic Lyme does exist and there is no cure. Some will argue using supplements will cure Lyme. Do your homework if this sounds like the healthy treatment. Many Lyme patients take supplements, conventional and non-conventional medicine. I took more supplements than RX’s along with my IV Antibiotic Therapy.

Keep pushing forward, many Lyme symptoms mimic other diseases. Open your mind to the type of doctors you consult with. I spent several years like many going from doctor to doctor. Finally I was referred to a Neurologist, she spent a year performing every test possible. All the test were abnormal yet not abnormal enough for her to make a diagnosis. When there were no more test, we parted ways.

I researched by taking key words from each test and putting together. The search was short and narrowed down to an autoimmune disease. I thought back to when I first started having symptoms and Lyme made the most sense. I got lucky, but don’t stop researching. NEVER LET A DOCTOR TELL YOU IT’S ALL IN YOUR HEAD! You are stronger than you think.  M


  1. Adds a real dimension to the clinical side of this. In Australia the medical profession refuse to accept that Lyme might be possible because that particular tick doesn’t exist here, however, people present with the symptoms – but they generally have to go overseas for treatment.

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