It’s A Beautiful Day

You are strong, your words are important, you are loved. M

adventure beautiful clouds cloudy
Photo by invisiblepower on


    1. Thank you! I even wrote the words, just came out of nowhere. I was thinking about you this morning. Weird? NO, I wanted to start asking some questions of you to learn more about you and your passion for photography. After I know you better an interview would be much more interesting. One tidbit to know is I have Dementia and forget a lot. So don’t think it’s strange if I ask the same question twice.
      When you can take time to slow down and think, can you tell me about the environment around you, big city or lush green. Second think about the first time you saw a camera and the feeling or thoughts you had.
      It’s better if we do by email when you have time I’m
      Have a great day.

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