Domestic Violence thru the eyes of a Child

Tears started my day, who knows what triggered the thought of this post and song.  M

Original post 4/26/2015

young sick looking me
I feel the pain but know I have to smile.

I witnessed my mother beat emotionally and physically everyday, it created chaos in my young mind. A tornado burned a hole in my heart. I couldn’t understand the feelings of pain when abused and watching abuse. Child abuse leaves a deep scar in my heart. During a conversation, a friend expressed fear over how the high conflict divorce was impacting the kids. A volcano erupted in me, I survived Domestic Violence and had no idea. I thank Army of Angels for being a friend. My eyes were opened during our conversation. The video is heartbreaking, beautiful and hopeful. 

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32 thoughts on “Domestic Violence thru the eyes of a Child

  1. Domestic violence towards children is beyond understanding, especially by a mother. An adult has no right to take their frustrations out on a child.It’s not something easily forgotten and is likely to colour the child’s adult life too.
    I’d hope this abuse wouldn’t affect your own marriage or relationship with your own children if you had any.

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  2. And the ripling effect of all this? It’s so sad, so painful, it brings back so much to me, oh when do I get completely healed? I cross a threshold, and then I realise there are several others I thought weren’t there! But I am glad I am seeing and reading all these now and not later. Thanks for sharing

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    1. Hello friend
      The blessing is you’re in forward motion. I don’t think all the pain and memories heal. Therapy, I’ve seen the same therapist for over 15 years. With having someone you trust I could open doors I kept closed. I’m 51 and I’ve not talked being raped more than once. The memories rarely come up, maybe it’s because other areas in my life aren’t resolved. The scars heal slowly and for me some will not heal completely. I watched movie The Bible Sunday, one line staying with me is “Suffering brings perseverance” I know it’s true for me.
      I pray for you’re continued strength.

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      1. Well…. I’m not quite rolling yet. I am camping, but I’m staying in the town where my internist is, because I have a UTI that just refuses to go away. On my third antibiotic. Having to use my Sherlock sleuthing skills, because the urinalysis on Friday showed pus (eeew) and blood and all that, but the culture at 48 hrs has not grown anything. That’s good news and bad news, because my immune system is not so good. It could be fungal (I hope not!!!) Or it could be courtesy of my chronic relapsing Cytomegalovirus, which can cause infections in any organ it pleases. I’m even more suspicious of that because my liver enzymes are slightly elevated, and I do tend to get a mild hepatitis when the dratted thing reactivates. I am feeling better today, although exhausted. I actually have an appetite and had a huge breakfast. So there’s the whole kit and caboodle!

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        1. If you didn’t have illness and drama in your life you might keep on rolling. I have EBV, I had mono at some point and didn’t know. Lyme has kicked me lower than the curb which kicked off a severe reactivation. If I continue adding to illness list, I may live forever. HAHA!
          Tell the doctor to get a scope inside and find the problem!
          Take care 🙂


          1. Inside what????? It’s just the same old, same old. Wish we could just take the old carcass to a good mechanic. What’s wrong, says he. I don’t know, Doc. I’ve got a hitch in my get-along. Think you can fix it? Well, says he, just let me look under the hood for a minute and I’ll tell you (fumbles around for a minute). Well, out looks like your carburetor is cracked. I’ll have to order you a new one.

            Wouldn’t it be nice if that’s all it took?

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          2. Sure would. I’ve had two brain surgeries, two serious car wrecks and list this goes on. I dislike going to new doctors and filling all of it out again. You tell the mechanic to lift the hood again and plug in laptop for correct analysis.

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          3. Yikes, I feel totally healthy compared to your history! Yes, I bet you dread going through the ever-growing list of things and meds and all that stuff. I once had mine neatly typed up and just handed it to whoever was asking the questions, but they all scowled and resumed asking me the questions. At least I had the answers right in front of me and didn’t have to rummage through my brain trying to remember if this surgery was in this year or that… Though, to be honest, it doesn’t really matter. I just had an appointment with my neurosurgery physiatrist last week, and they give you a copy of their clinic notes, very nice. Sadly, although their are headings for various imaging study results, there is no heading for “physical exam.” That must be why she has never touched me except for one time when she wanted to demonstrate some obscure sign of cord compression to a student. Very soon they’ll have scanners like Bones in Star Trek. That will be a big improvement.

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          4. We’ll walk up to a booth at doctors, plug yourself in, a minute later you get a read out if it’s cool. Go pay at ATM. If print out doesn’t come the screen will tell you the wait in lobby. It tells you when the doctor will see you since they scanned him. Orwell!!!!!!

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          5. Welllll, I’ve been giving it some thought, and suddenly it struck me how incredibly simple the whole thing could be. By that time we will all be micro chipped at birth (or maybe before, just to make sure). All we will have to do at point of purchase (notice the sophisticated techie language 😛) is, well, nothing, because the machine will automatically scan our chip, determine the appropriate currency and mode of payment, and shazam, you’re all done! (This seems to be morphing into a futuristic nightmarish novel)

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          6. You are seeing the future, maybe the next couple of chapters are your’s. You could write an eBook, an update to 1984. We far exceeded his vision. You can take Orwell’s approach, only you have to imagine technology not available yet and ways the government uses to their advantage.


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