Highway to Hell *Part 2*

Childhoods antics which landed my brother or me in trouble. 

I have to start with my favorite story, you’ll get a better idea of who I am. At recess in third grade I told the teacher I HAD to go to bathroom. NO, go back and play. Back to teacher few minutes later I HAVE TO GO! You’re just saying that go play. A couple of minutes later I begged the teacher to let me go, NO. I said okay and popped my pants right in front of her. I had to retire my purple elephant bell bottom suit.

Gramps stopped to pick up bread leaving us in-car, I may have been seven. The car was a standard on the column, I was playing like Gramps driving and somehow got the car in neutral. We were rolling out on to a major street. I hopped out trying to get car to stop, luckily a man stopped to help about the time Gramps rounded the corner. He was in shock, we didn’t get a switch.

My youngest brother was playing on the sidewalk in front of a girl’s house. They were laughing loud and screaming. The family owned a Saint Bernard which was protective of the girl. The dog jumped the fence, grabbed my brother by the back slinging him side to side. My older brother grabbed a two by four, hitting the dog many times, it would not let go until it turned to bite his arm.

We got a puppy, the kids were so in love. So much in love all four kids woke up in the night a feed the dog a piece of bologna.

My girlfriends yard had a slope where we would lay down and throw apples at cars, until a man got out a threatened us.

My stepfather really loved boating, the problem was he knew nothing about boats. Our speed boat couldn’t pull up a skier, our houseboat was so huge he had to call a tow truck to get out of lake.

There was a small drainage ditch down from our house we crawfished in. If we caught enough it was a skillet full of fried crawfish snack. I hate to think of what was in the water.



      1. We’re staying at the house that belonged to my parents for October while work is being done on the Wilmington house. Damage there was not horrible, but the electrical wires and box came off the house and it’s taking a while to get the electricity back on. I’m thankful to have another house to use for home base and to be making progress in purging/organizing/donating. Thank you for asking. ❤

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