I’m so Beautiful to ME…………

 I had a burst of energy Saturday, thinking of all I could get done. The priority is prepping for new store opening. Instead of surrounding myself in luxury I fell down the stairs.

Eight stairs exactly. I landed on head and neck with the rest of my body pinning me down. Breaking my neck was the first thought, how do I get out of this and not move my neck.

What about my back. I can’t recall getting up. It’s scary when some thing happens and you’re alone, no one hears your tears.

A broken left orbital bone, nose, shattered wrist and arm, battered to pieces everywhere else. I am totally blessed, no broken neck or back. God sent the message my husband needed to hear, I can no longer live in a two-story house.

Have a great evening,

M 🙂

Categories: Moving Forward


  1. Geez M! That was definitely a hard fall. Glad you are okay for the most part. We all fall and they all hurt, some more than others. It’s why getting back up after a fall is such a powerful metaphor cause it ain’t easy. I hope you have a speedy recovery and those stairs don’t trip you again.

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    • God called on the Red phone! Told David since he couldn’t get the message fro me, God would tell him. MOVE TO A ONE STORY! He got it this time loud and clear, we are starting our search. I’ve been talking about how bad a fall would be if fell. He saw my face in hospital and all the damage, he started looking. eye it’s self is pain full to me. I’m avoiding eye surgery at all cost. 🙂


  2. I can’t bring myself to click like on this post, because I’m so sorry you got hurt. But I do like in your reply to Harlon that you wrote the rest of your body is okay. That’s an attitude that will help your body heal. I’m praying for that you heal well and quickly.

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  3. O my goodness, I can’t avoid being rude and say you look a mess, and can’t help thinking from your description that you were yet still fortunate not have it worse somehow. Thank you for sharing your experience though.

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  4. Oh ouch! I’m so sorry you had such a nasty fall. I’m glad it wasn’t worse with no major damage to your neck or back, but that must still have been painful and scary. Please be gentle with yourself. Sending hugs xxxx

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  5. Wow. No doubt you had a terrifying experience. I pray for quick healing and encouragement of your spirit as you go through the process. Yes, maybe it’s time for a single story. It’s so easy to slip up now and then when maneuvering stairs.

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  6. I had the same problem….i had to slow down but it’s hard because when your sense of freedom is slowly taken away hope is a very pricy commodity…stay safe my friend

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