First Visit With The NP

Thank you for sharing in depth details of your first visit to a Neuropathic doctor. Have a great day.

Pride IN Justice


So I visited the ND ( Naturopathic Doctor ) a week ago. It was “different” for lack of better words. I wouldn’t say it was a bad experience. It was just different and new to me. I found it odd, I guess. But I am also very interested in this technique. I guess this would constitute a paradigm shift for me. It’s like my usual way of thinking about medical science is being replaced by alternative ways of healing. I am learning that healing the body is not only through an avenue of medicine. Rather I am learning that there are natural ways to heal through diet, exercise and healthier natural alternatives. I have learned that running to an MD is not always the best answer. Unfortunately, I have learned this quite a few times in my life experiences. So with this new way of looking at health and healing…

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