Happy Thanksgiving America

I work hard to acknowledge the little things happening everyday. Many days it’s hard to take a minute to acknowledge and let the smile sink in. 

I have many things to be grate full everyday but this past week it came in a big reminder. I fell eight stairs last weekend landing on my head and neck. When I came to all I could think of is is my neck broken, what about my back. I told myself to calm down and figure out how to get up and not make my injuries worse. 

I managed to get up and walk. The accident could have been life changing. I shattered my wrist, broke right elbow, broke left Orbital bone and broke nose. My Orthopedic doctor rushed me to surgery on Sunday to have a plate in my left hand. My body all over hurts, bad whiplash and back strain, I have two arms and can’t use either one. 

I’m thankful my husband is taking care of me and making life as comfortable as possible. There are no words to say how happy I am about escaping an accident that could have been fatal. 

I hope you spend quality time with family and friends, sharing what you are grateful for this year and a nourishing meal. 



I appreciate your comments, what you have to say is important. Thank you.

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