Cleveland Cavaliers Kevin Love Wants To Change Attitudes To Mental Health

Sky Sports

Friday 16 November 2018 07:48, UK

Cleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin Love says some types of masculinity portrayed in the NBA are “outdated” and “dangerous” and stop men from getting help for depression and anxiety.

The five-time All Star has personal experience after he suffered a panic attack during a game last November and realised he needed help and started seeing a therapist.

“I know from experience that this is not easy,” he told Reuters.

“So opening up about it and allowing myself to be vulnerable can affect a lot of people in a positive way and hopefully create some change.”

He said athletes were in a perfect position to break down stigmas associated with men and mental health. “Athletes … are looked at as superhuman so having them open up can have a big impact.”

Love is hoping to spread the message that seeking help is a sign of strength with a web series called “Locker Room Talk” where he interviews athletes like Michael Phelps, Channing Frye and Paul Pierce about their own mental health.

“Michael Phelps being able to speak out about mental health in the way that he does is very powerful”.

Love spoke out about his mental health after San Antonio Spurs guard DeMar DeRozan said he was suffering from depression.

“Without DeMar DeRozan I know for a fact that I wouldn’t be sitting here as soon as I am today,” Love added.



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