Health update


Did you know there are rocks in your ears? If you’ve had a concussion and developed Vertigo chances are the rocks are off-balance. Sounded crazy but I was open to trying the treatment with an ENT doctor. He discovered it was my right ear having the problem.

The treatment was very simple but stomach turning. Luckily I didn’t need the pan my husband was holding. You sit in a chair similar to a dentist chair, he would lay me back then bring the chair up holding my neck. The first time was rough but as he continued the vertigo stopped. The worst part of the treatment was wearing a collar for two days  24 hours a day.

The vertigo has returned but not as bad. I go tomorrow for another treatment, it may be the last treatment or he has to do an addition treatment until the Vertigo is gone.

My wrist surgery went great and I’m using that hand more than other arm. Fracturing an Elbow might not sound like a big deal, you ‘re very wrong. The ER doctor said it could take four to six months to heal the elbow. My right arm is useless until it heals more, The fracture in my left orbital bone has caused little pain however surgery is still possible.

There were days before treatment my husband had to guide me around so I wouldn’t fall. Even crazier, two nights after the fall, I fell again and hit head in same spot, luckily it was on carpet and only aggravated my head and back.

While in the ER waiting to for x-rays, I was scared my neck was broken. I didn’t cry but had a long talk with God. I’m mending more each day and figure out ways to be productive with one arm.

Thank you for all the well wishes, you’ve lifted my spirits.




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