Where’s WALDO? Packed for Christmas?

The past two days have been one of the worst on WordPress. For a company the size of WordPress with businesses relying of the support, bloggers like me who spend close to $200 a year and all the free sites, we are owed a heads up. Not once has WordPress sent out a notice to bloggers they are aware of the problem and working hard to fix. WordPress takes no accountability for their services.

  • Will not save drafts
  • Post on other bloggers sites will not come up
  • Reblogging doesn’t work
  • Deleted two post deleted
  • Want to see your site, page is blank

WHAT the hell is going on. I’ve seen other comments this morning, how many of you have experienced the same or other issues.


Categories: Abuse, Social Media, WordPress


  1. Funny that you should post this, I’ve been experiencing a lot of abnormalities with WordPress lately – I am not very tech knowledgeable so I wonder is it me, is it my computer, but certainly lately, I have been experiencing issues with deleted messages….it’s tough, for those of us that live on a budget and rely on the social media for support and a sense of community it can be really challenging, not just from a technical perspective but from an emotional one as well. The last thing I need on a bad day is to be left feeling like I am “in the dark”. I am not too sure what I can do, but I suppose there is comfort in knowing it’s not just me.
    Hugs, Harlon


I appreciate your comments, what you have to say is important. Thank you.

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