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Thanks Charlie for the interview, you asked great questions and talking with you is always fun. M


I discovered my free online university, WordPress, and learned not only about writing but another subject that interest me also, so since this blog is called Crazy Life, there is a person wich I decided and… ordered! What is up with this art thing, always intrigued me. So I send her some questions and the person actually responded to this Crazy Blog, very interesting I might say..

Do you Paint?
No I don´t paint, and neither I have goals to learn.
(That took me by surprise, yet again I kept on asking)

What does art do for you?
Art takes me to the time period, it allows me to travel without leaving the chair. I look at the complexity of the art, were they appreciated at the time period. Even if I don’t like a time period or particular piece, I try to put myself in their shoes imaging…

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